WantMatures Review

Every person has different preferences, and the online dating industry tries to satisfy every user. Thus, WantMatures aims to connect mature single. For many people, it is even more exciting to date someone with life experience.

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If you make a quick review of this dating platform, you will find how simple and convenient design is. You will always find everything you need from the service.

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Pros & Cons

Is WantMatures a good dating site? It is a very difficult question, which depends on different factors. Learning about the strong and weak sides of a matching platform may help to make a decision.


  • It has collected a significant number of mature members from different countries around the globe
  • Friendly user interface and quick registration process makes it very easy to use
  • You do not have to provide your first and last name to start dating with someone
  • The customer support department has a phone number that you are free to use
  • Possibility to search other users by the distance from you and in a specific city


  • To read and send messages you have to upgrade your memberships with a subscription plan
  • Many profiles do not have much information about personality
  • Right after registration, you receive messages from fake and empty profiles
  • You cannot get in touch with a customer support representative via live chat
  • It is difficult to find someone if you live in a small town

What Is WantMatures.com?

WantMatures is an international matching platform, which allows reviewing profiles. Its main goal is to connect single people with matures for serious and causal relationships. Therefore, it is not oriented to young single adults. With numerous people from very different ethnicities, users are able to satisfy their various desires and fantasies.

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WantMatures Dating Site Review At a Glance

  • Best for: possibilities to find a wonderful mature person for serious and long-standing relationships or hot casual relations.
  • Age category of members: most of the members belong to middle-aged and older adults.
  • Popular feature: ‘Like Gallery’ shows members who match interests according to your profile, and you can like them to start a conversation or simply skip.

How Does It Work?

WantMatures is rather a matching platform where single people try to find a perfect match. They join the service, create profiles, and fill in any information about their preferences, hobbies, and interests. Together with beautiful photos, they increase chances to be spotted by other members. Then, mature singles start to communicate with another member, and if everything is fine, they may have a strong full of love relationships.

WantMatures‌ ‌Review‌

Search Tool

Every newcomer is able to use WantMatures free search tool with all its filters. Among them, you can indicate such parameters like:

  • Orientation
  • Body shape
  • Ethnicity
  • Hair color
  • Eye color
  • Tattoos
  • Piercing
  • With Photo
  • With Video

Thus, the most important filters are age range and location. They allow you to find a person and review the profile within your area and locate how far the person is from you. This search tool has a very big disadvantage when it comes to the personality of the user. You cannot find single people according to their hobbies, interests, and preferences. It means that you have to learn about that directly from a single person.

Registration Procedure

Every newcomer has to provide an only email address, password, orientation, and location. That is all that you need to become a member of WantMatures. Obligatory email verification you cannot skip, as it is a one mean to protect other users. Then, you will be asked to provide some personal information, but you may skip this step and immediately start to review this matching platform.

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Profile Quality

While reviewing this matching service, you will be able to encounter very different profiles. Some of them are nice with all information that you need to know about a single person. While, others are completely empty, except for the photo and they even start to write to you. As a possibility to encounter fake personalities is quite high, you should always be careful in communication.

WantMatures‌ ‌Review‌

Safety & Security

Every single user wants to be protected while seeking love at some online dating websites. WantMatures cares about its members, and it has implemented paid membership. Only members with a subscription plan can send messages to other singles and read them. Still, there is no complete guarantee that you will not encounter a scammer.

Help & Support

In case some issue has occurred at WantMatures you have several options of what to do. In the beginning, you can review the FAQ to find some solution. Then, it is better to report to the customer support department by filing a request form. If it is something urgent, you can reach out to a customer support representative by phone.


While reviewing an online dating service, people check the prices in the first place. It is important to know how expensive the service is. WantMatures offers such options:

  • 1-day trial for $0.99
  • One week for $7
  • 1-month for $28.8
  • 3-months for $48.6

With a trial option, you can review all the features that online dating website has, and then decide whether to continue using it or not.

WantMatures‌ ‌Review‌


How many members does WantMatures.com have?

On the web, it is not difficult to find multiple WantMatures dating site reviews, and each of them may indicate the different quantity of registered users. Their number constantly changes as every day; some people may join the service, while members quit the dating process. As it is an international matching platform, singles from many countries sign up. Moreover, WantMatures exists for many years, and it could collect many users.

Is WantMatures.com a real dating site?

Many single users want to know the truth about WantMatures before actually using it. At this online matching platform, it is possible to encounter some real people. Their identity is verified by the service that guarantees that you do not chat with scammers. You are free to develop different kinds of relationships. Whether you want to make new friends, just flirt, or find true love, WantMatures may help with that.

Can I use WantMatures.com anonymously?

At WantMature, you can review a bunch of different features. Most of them you can only use with a paid membership, but there is no possibility to review other users anonymously. Alternatively, at this matching platform, you do not have to indicate your name. After registration, you simply receive a nickname based on your email. You may simply leave, and nobody will know your name.

Is WantMatures.com free?

WantMatures is a partially free dating platform. You can join it, review members’ profiles, check features of the website without investing money. If you would like to start conversations with other people, you may need to pay for a subscription plan. Users with a standard membership can receive messages, but they cannot read them. To respond, review to messages, you also will have to get a subscription plan.

How can I delete my WantMatures.com profile?

The deleting process at WantMatues is a bit complicated and time-consuming. At first, you should go to your profile settings and click ‘Remove Profile.’ In order to continue, you will need to provide your password. Then, you will be able to choose between hiding and removing your profile, and you will be asked for the reason. Finally, you will receive an email to completely remove your profile from WantMatures.

Is WantMatures Safe?

Is WantMatures any good in terms of safety? It is quite a common question among internet users. WantMatures cares about the dating experience of its members. Thus, a safe environment is very important. You may notice different security measures like email verification, which helps to reduce the number of bots on the platform. Paid memberships help to separate scammers from members who have proved their identity by making an online transaction.

How to use WantMatures.com?

As to sign up, you do not need to spend money; you may simply join it and make a personal review on the WantMatures dating site. After becoming a member of the service, you are free to review all its features and other users. With a search tool, you may find and review someone according to your preferences. By starting a conversation, you increase the chances of developing actual relationships with a single person.

Is WantMatures.com worth it?

It is very easy to find WantMatures dating reviews with different opinions. However, whether WantMatures is worth trying or not depends on users that you may find there. Thus, it is recommended to review potential candidates for relationships before investing funds. If there is a single person you like, then it means that you actually have the purpose of using this online dating platform.