Mingle2 Review: A Comprehensive Look at the Popular Dating Site 2024

Formerly known as JustSayHi, this popular dating service popped up on the online dating scene in the early 2000s. It still keeps growing with millions of daily visits. There’s much to like here: easy registration, nice layout, and user-friendly interface. But let’s talk about all of these things and more in more detail in this Mingle2 review.

Mingle2 Pros & Cons

First of all, let’s talk about all the great and not-so-great things about the service. Like any other dating website in existence, this one has both.


  • Mingle2 is a free service which means you can contact other members free of charge;
  • Handy mobile Mingle2 apps both for Android and iOS;
  • Registration takes seconds to complete;
  • You can find matches from various countries;
  • Customizable search options.


  • Lots of ads;
  • No video chat option;
  • Profiles aren’t too informative;
  • Many fake profiles.

Mingle2 main page

Mingle2 Sign Up Process

Registering on Mingle2 is faster and easier than on many similar services. You just have to enter some basic information such as:

  • Your city;
  • Username;
  • Birthday;
  • The kind of relationship you are interested in.

Choose a password, and you’re all set. After you confirm your email, you can complete your profile with a little bit of information and photos and start contacting people.

It’s worth noting that this website has a way of verifying you are a real person. Once your registration is complete, they’ll ask you to upload a photo of yourself in a specific pose. You can start using the service only after this photo is uploaded and verified.

This is a relatively new feature, and it gives you hope that it seriously limits the number of scammers and fake profiles. After all, the fact that Mingle2 offers many of its features for free attracts a lot of scammers.

Mingle2 Design

The visual side of the website isn’t particularly flashy or unique. In fact, it looks like just about any other cookie-cutter dating app template. However, it works. The layout is very user-friendly and instinctively understandable. You’ll have no trouble finding whatever you need no matter how familiar you are with online dating websites. The background is light and clean, without any distracting imagery.

One noticeable thing about it is ads. Some users find them irritating, but you can remove them by becoming a paying member.

Mingle2 features

Mingle2 Messaging

As we said previously, you can start messaging other people on the website for free as soon as your account gets registered and approved. You can also use other various little features to draw their attention to your profile. You can send them nudges and kisses, for example.

Messaging here isn’t without limitations, though. But you can remove the restrictions by subscribing to a paid membership.

Mingle2 Profiles

As soon as you sign up, the system will suggest that you complete your profile. It’s not a mandatory step, and you can skip it if you wish. However, having a complete profile improves your chances to find a decent match.

There’s just some basic information you’ll have to submit: tell others about your appearance, marital status, number of children and whether you want to have them in the future, religion, and drinking/smoking habits.

All this makes profile completion super fast and easy but doesn’t allow for very detailed user information.

Mingle2 users

Mingle2 Customer Support

The service offers 24/7 customer support that can help you solve your issues of any kind. If you have a question, click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the screen and describe your issue.


Some of the main features you’ll find here are profile search, the Mutual Match feature, the instant messaging section, online chat, and forums.

Profile Search

This feature is pretty standard. You search for possible matches by picking appropriate filters (location, age, zip code, etc.)

Mutual Match

This little tool allows you to look for people in your area. Once the system finds a suitable profile, you can pick a “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” option. People you show interest in will be notified.

Messaging & Online Chat

You can message any person you choose for free. They’ll get a notification and message you back if they are interested. You can also try an online chat feature with those who are currently on the website. Use Mingle2 who’s online option to make sure you can chat with the person of your choice. There’s also a possibility to send people various digital signs of attention.


Mingle2 also offers a community forum section where you can communicate with other users about anything you want. It’s easily accessible for all members regardless of their membership status and can be a lot of fun. There’s a wide range of topics from politics to cooking to dating.

Mingle2 app

Free & Paid Options

Mingle2 offers many of its features for free, but there’s also an option of premium membership. Here are the things you can get for free and those you’ll have to pay for:

Free Paid
  • Account registration;
  • Profile browsing & viewing;
  • Unlimited profile search;
  • Sending friend requests;
  • Adding favorites;
  • Mutual Match;
  • Forum access;
  • Sending winks & kisses;
  • Messaging.
  • Removing ads;
  • Removing messaging limits;
  • Viewing your messages’ delivery status;
  • Messaging logs;
  • Improving profile visibility.

How Much Is Mingle2 Per Month?

You can boost your online dating experience on the website by subscribing to one of the three subscription plans:

  • 3-month membership for $9.95/month;
  • 6-month subscription for $7.95/month;
  • 12-month membership for $5.95/month.

Payment Methods

The service accepts PayPal transfers, checks, and money orders.

Partner Search

Mingle2 gives you the freedom of looking for any kind of relationship, from friendship to casual hookups to serious matchmaking. All you have to do is sign up and start searching and communicating.

How Does Mingle2 Work in 2024?

Using the service is extremely easy and, for the most part, free. Choose your preferences (search filters) and find people in your area, from your preferred age group. Send them an email, a digital wink, or an invitation to an online chat to start talking immediately.

Mingle2 testimonials

Searching Options

You can use basic search options such as gender, age, location, postal code, and geographical area. There is also an advanced search feature that allows users to look for people with common traits or certain physical parameters.

Users can also look for other members by username or based on their interests. This way, you can easily find people you’ve talked to previously or have some common interests with.

Make sure to watch the video to learn more about Mingle2:


Mingle2 has been around for quite some time. There’s no doubt that competition is fierce, yet this site stands out, many thanks to the fact it’s mostly free. The design could be more imaginative and modern. One thing that’s bothersome is the abundance of annoying ads, which cause the pages to load slowly.

Our verdict in this Mingle2 dating site reviews is all issues notwithstanding, you should definitely try it to meet a soulmate or a friend.


What Is Mingle2?

This is a dating website (and also a mobile app) for those who want a fuss-free online dating experience. The website lets you decide if you want to choose a paid subscription or use it for free. A free member can message other users free of charge, which makes your online dating quite easy.

Can You Message on Mingle2 Without Paying?

Yes, you can! As many Mingle2 com reviews will tell you, this is one of the few dating websites where you can contact other users and use various tools to attract their attention for free. There is a number of paid features you can opt for to enhance your dating experience. However, if you opt for a free version, you won’t be restricted to profile browsing only.

Does Mingle2 Really Work?

Yes, it does. The service offers online dating in its easiest form: you sign up for an account, you brother for profiles based on your preferences, and you contact people. It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s quick. If you are asking, “Is Mingle2 legit?”, the definitive answer is yes, it is. While you can stumble over some Mingle2 scammers, that’s an issue all dating websites have in common.

Who Uses Mingle2 the Most?

This dating service caters to all people who want to find a soulmate, a partner, or a friend online. So it’s pretty much open to all people regardless of their social status, age, occupation, or even location. No matter what walk of life you are from, you’ll be able to find someone who shares your interests here.

Is Mingle2 Good for Dating?

It’s exactly what it’s good for! Being an online dating app, Mingle2 offers an unlimited online dating experience. You can quickly sign up and start browsing profiles and contacting people within minutes. The great thing about it is that you can do all that for free even though seeing all the ads is the price you’ll have to pay for it. Read our mingle review to learn more.