A Full Match2Night Review – Making Dating Easier and More Fun

Nowadays, many people utilize dating platforms to find partners for life or just for casual sex. But it may be pretty problematic to find a reliable site to meet all your needs and requirements. Thus, it’s worth taking a look at reviews on the Internet. In this Match2Night review, we will inform you about the Match2Night dating site and tell the truth about Match2Night only.

Indeed, dating sites are a very interesting phenomenon. Until now, there is no definite answer to the question of why people are so attracted to online dating.

Today there are many different sites for every taste and color. You can literally find anyone there; it is a whole system with its own rules and laws. In addition, almost all dating sites keep their algorithms for selecting partners secret, which arouses even more interest in them.

In the middle of the 20th century, dating was based on family ties. After a while, acquaintances through friends gained popularity, a little later – acquaintances in parks and bars, at work, study, etc. Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the development of digital technologies, the popularity of online dating has begun to grow rapidly. By 2017 it took first place in the United States in terms of popularity.

Short Review

What is Match2Night.com? The online dating platform Match2Night.com advertises with free registration. On the landing page that offers Match2Night dating, we do not see any further information. In general, the functionality of the Match2Night dating platform is similar to any other site of this type: Match2Night dating platform offers filtering options, the possibility to add people to the hotlist, the Hot or Not game (many people like it a lot). Nevertheless, numerous Match2Night reviews claim that there are plenty of fakes on this site. So, is Match2Night any good? Let’s try to figure it out.

Match2Night main page


The paradox of modern society: marriages after dating online are much stronger than marriages after dating in real life. Back in 2013, this was confirmed by a study by scientists from Harvard University. In addition, spouses who first met on the Internet are much happier in marriage. According to statistics, more than a million US residents have built strong families thanks to dating in a dating service. Understandably, each platform of this type has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are those of Match2Night.


  • Live-Chat.
  • Profiles are private.
  • Bright and appealing interface.


  • No mobile App.
  • No proof of identity verification.
  • The site is very young.
  • Cannot report spam profiles.
  • No anonymous payment methods.

Registration Process

Basically, the registration form for all sites is standard. Nevertheless, in this Match2Night review of the website, we would like to describe it for you. At the very beginning of the registration processon Match2Night dating platform, you enter your email address (don’t forget to confirm it), enter your name and age, city, and date of birth, and come up with a good, high-quality password.

Some sites provide the ability to register using your accounts on various social networks, but Match2Night does not offer such a chance, which is actually good, as it provides more confidentiality.

Having gone through the process of registration on a Match2Night dating platform, you can proceed to look for the right partner.

Match2Night create account

Searching Features

How does Match2Night work? Mainly, what about the search? Online dating has revolutionized interpersonal relationships. According to research by scientists, a significant factor is that people still more often turn to dating sites in search of serious relationships rather than for one-night relationships. And this can be explained.

Psychologists say that due to the fact that dating sites have a huge selection of people, it seems to us that here we will certainly be able to find the ideal person for ourselves. And there are services that have caught on to this idea – to organize as detailed a search as possible in order to organize an ideal match for potential partners.

Dating sites mainly use two types of search: standard and advanced. The standard search is simple – you need to select the gender and age of the potential partner and indicate the desired city. Advanced search allows you to specify more information than the standard one, including the desired shape, eye color, and the presence or absence of tattoos. The third rare search option is that you yourself are not looking for anything, but you are sent profiles specially selected for your parameter. All types of search have their pros and cons. For instance, many people do not like the restrictions on place of residence or age limits.

As for Match2Night, you can learn from any Match2Night.com review that users say search options could be better. Match2Night offers to use such filters as gender, location, age, availability online at the moment. People say it is not enough, as other platforms offer more impressive search options. So, Match2Night free search could definitely be better.

Match2Night search

Free vs Paid Version

The currency used on a Match2Night dating platform is called D-currency, and it is needed to perform the majority of operations. Indeed, you can do some things (like viewing profiles) free of charge, but even such a basic thing as sending messages is impossible if you run out of currency. Here are the prices:

  • 3 tokens – 5$.
  • 10 tokens – 15$.
  • 25 tokens – 35$ and so on.

Some experienced users say that Match2Night dating platform is pretty expensive, especially considering that plenty of other platforms of this type (you can read this in any review on the Match2Night dating site) offer messaging options free of charge. So, let’s sum up what you get for free and for what functions you have to pay.


  • Filling in the profile, upload photos.
  • Viewing profiles.


  • Exchanging messages.
  • The possibility to ask for private photos.

Is Match2Night worth paying for? Our verdict is that one can find plenty of platforms that offer more, but the price is the same.

Match2Night upgrade account

Profile Quality

Speaking about profile quality on a Match2Night dating platform, we would like to underline that it is not so bad in this Match2Night review. There are such things as interests, private photos, and some information about the person, including physical characteristics. As a rule, it is fully enough to understand if you have something in common with this or that person or not.

While an informative, fully completed information field is essential, about 80% of users first look at their profile picture. Naturally, it follows from this that if a photo of your beloved dog accidentally goes through the security system and loads as the main one, nothing good will come of it for you personally – most users will ignore you. In addition, uploading a photo allows you to be identified as a real person, and some dating sites prohibit people without an avatar from sending messages and participating in searches.

As a result, uploading a photo to a dating site is very important. It is best to add a relevant photo, rather than a photo from ten years ago and twenty kilograms ago. The description is important as well, so don’t skip this step.

Mobile Application

This website has a fully responsive web design, so it can be used on any computer, laptop, or smartphone. However, a mobile app is not yet available.

Safety & Security

Is Match2Night safe? All data on Match2Night.com is sent through an SSL connection, making it technically impossible for anyone to intercept your messages, which is pretty good. Is Match2Night a good dating site? It is not the worst option, but you should try it yourself to understand if you like it or not. But your safety depends on you mainly, so here are some recommendations:

  • Do not transfer money to your interlocutor. Even if the person “urgently needs” and he “will return in two days and with interest.” Monetary fraud is the most common type of website fraud.
  • If a girl invites you to meet at her favorite movie theater, which you first hear about and sends you a link to a booking form, you shouldn’t go along with it. After filling out the booking form, you will be offered to pay online, after which you will no longer see either the girl or the cinema.
  • Do not come to an unfamiliar interlocutor in another city or country, even if he himself bought tickets for you. It is unsafe, and the chance of you getting into trouble is high.
  • From point 3, the following rule follows: meet offline in crowded places – in a cafe that you know for sure, in an amusement park, but in no case accept an invitation to go to your interlocutor’s home.
  • When you first meet, tell your friends or parents where you went and with whom you don’t know the person much. It will not be superfluous to inform the car number and the approximate time at which you plan to arrive home.
  • Ask a friend to call you in half an hour. This way, you will have a way to quickly and painlessly leave an unpleasant date without inventing excuses. Of course, your interlocutor will understand that you left because you did not like him/her, but your safety is more important here.
  • Do not give your phone number to strangers. In the best case, they will simply call you, and you will continue the conversation; in the worst case, the phone number will have to be changed in order to protect yourself from the interlocutor offended by your “ignore.” Better yet, get a SIM card specifically for such cases.

Match2Night users

Help & Support

If you are facing any problems, you can contact website support via email. But before contacting the support team directly, we recommend taking a look at the FAQ section. Plenty of questions are already answered there, so perhaps you will find the solution to your problem.

Alternative Services

Is Match2Night worth it? Each person decided it for themselves. But if you are looking for more options, here are several platforms we recommend you try.

Seeking: Best for busy professionals

  • SilverSingles: best over 50 dating site.
  • Plenty of Fish: best for casual relationships.
  • Bumble: best for shy men.
  • Match: best dating site for meaningful connections.
  • HER: best for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Grindr: best for gay men.
  • Tinder: best for casual hookups.

Hopefully, this Match2Night dating website review was helpful, and you now know how to behave on such platforms.

Match2Night hot or not


Is Match2Night Free?

Plenty of platforms provide basic options free of charge, but it does not apply to this one. Here, you can only go through the registration process without paying money. After this, if willing to contact a sexy lady or two, investing money is required.

Is Match2Night Site Full of Bots?

As we have mentioned plenty of times, it is essential to read reviews to get to know everything about a site. Reviews on Match2Night state that there are plenty of bots and fakes there. Indeed, there are real people as well, so it is up to you whether to use it or not.

Is Match2Night a Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is a real platform aimed at people interested in casual sex primarily. You will notice it immediately after the registration: users’ photos are highly erotic and attractive. So, it is real, but fakes are still there.