A Full Instaboink Review: All You Need to Know

If you want to get acquainted with potential partners on the Internet, you will come across a lot of sites on this topic. Their popularity is growing rapidly, as loneliness and lack of time are problems familiar to many. Finding your soul mate during a walk in the park is becoming more difficult as the rapid pace of life leaves its mark. People are always in a hurry, late, experiencing stress and irritation. It is easier to go online, create a profile and chat conversations without leaving home.

Another reason why many people use dating sites on the net, doubt their own attractiveness or complexes. It is possible to impersonate another person, take someone else’s photo or use photoshop. Yes, and virtual communication is easier and more laid-back than the present. This is an ideal option for timid and shy people who want to hone their skills and overcome their complexes. Today, we will tell you about Instaboink – a platform that is supposed to help people connect.

Short Review

What is Instaboink.com? This platform claims to help people connect, like thousands of other similar platforms. But the truth about Instaboink is that it is pretty suspicious. Every second Instaboink review of the website is a negative one. The worst thing is that your credit card data is required at the very beginning, during registration. Speaking about other aspects of this dating site we would like to underline in our review, this site looks like any other platform. Let’s have a more detailed look at it.

Instaboink start page


No Instaboink.com review would be full without pros and cons. So let’s start with them in our review.


  • According to reviews, you can send virtual gifts.
  • The video chat option is available.
  • Search filters are not too bad, as reviews say.
  • There are private chats.
  • There is advanced filtering.
  • It is possible to rate other people. According to reviews, it provides feedback, which is important.
  • There is instant messenger. Many authors of reviews are satisfied with it.
  • Messenger in Instaboink site also has a graphic that allows you to see when someone is writing to you.
  • There is email verification, which is a positive feature highlighted in all Instaboink reviews.
  • Instaboink is fully responsive, so you can easily utilize it using devices of any type.


  • Instaboink does not have an iOS app.
  • Instaboink site does not have an Android app.
  • There is no approval procedure for users’ photos. Reviews say it leads to lots of fakes, and it actually does.

Registration Process

How does Instaboink work? Let’s try to figure it out. As we know, people use dating sites for serious relationships for various reasons. That is why modern sites are divided into different topics: you can register on a site where lonely hearts are looking for their partners for a long-term relationship, or you can create a profile on a site for a one-night relationship. Thanks to this distribution, you can be sure that people who have registered on a dating site for a serious relationship are actually looking for them.

So, the first step to using the Instaboink site is registration. According to reviews, you must first provide basic information about yourself, verify your profile on the site, and complete the page with relevant and important information. So do other users. Thanks to this, you see other people’s intentions and can be sure of their seriousness.

Often, inexperienced users are frightened by the fact that it is impossible to find out who you are talking to on a dating site, but this is not entirely true. Firstly, prestigious paid resources carry out user verification to make sure that the pages are not fake and are not used to deceive others.

Secondly, on the users’ pages, you see various photos and, in many cases, even videos. Thus, you can easily understand who your interlocutor is, how he looks, sounds, and behaves.

The online dating website Instaboink.com advertises free registration but to register, you have to provide your credit card details. This is already where the scam happens, as with the registration, the new user will get a free three days trial of premium membership. Sounds fair, but the customer does not know that the premium membership will automatically extend for a subscription that will run for many months. Of course, this membership will not be for free anymore. It is a huge minus we must highlight in our Instaboink review. Is Instaboink worth it? We are not sure.

Instaboink create account

Searching Features

Now, let’s talk about Instaboink free search. Nowadays, modern services also offer the possibility to filter potential candidates to get acquainted with suitable people only. Is Instaboink any good? In terms of searching features, it is very similar to other platforms of this type. You can search people using several filters, but some other dating sites offer more opportunities.

Free vs Paid Version

Instaboink does not offer a coin-based system whereby you pay for actions, such as sending messages or virtual gifts to another user.

  • Premium 1 Month costs $29.95.
  • Premium 3 Months costs $44.85.

All in all, on Instaboink site you will pay for everything, which many users are not satisfied with. Is Instaboink worth paying for? Given its poor reputation, we would say it is not. You can browse this dating site free of charge, but given that you need to share your credit card data during registration, you’d better think twice.

Profile Quality

Typical profiles of girls on Instaboink site are filled with their photographs, in which they appear with varying degrees of nudity, as well as quotes designed to emphasize the level of intelligence. Profiles on this dating site are not too detailed, but they are pretty good. The answer is: is this or that lady real? Given that almost every review on the Instaboink dating site says there are many fakes, nobody can say for sure whom you are communicating with.

The first (and main) advice for those eager to try this platform or any other one: on a dating site, remain, first of all, yourself, and if you are already trying to seem different, not the same as in life, then correspond to this, play the role you have taken on to the end. Just like the scouts: you have a legend, so stick to it, not only on the Web but also when entering real life. One more piece of advice in pursuit: if you want to find not an adventure for one night, but a more or less serious relationship, then be sincere here; everything is like in life.

In Terms of Service (TOS), Instaboink mentions the use of moderators or amateurs who operate chats and encourage premium memberships. This means users will have to pay to engage with chatbots or people who will be using copy/pasted text in their conversations. We couldn’t but mention it in our Instaboink dating website review.

Instaboink create account question

Mobile Application

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app available at the moment. But the good thing is that you can utilize a web version: it is fully responsive.

Safety & Security

Is Instaboink safe? Numerous Instaboink reviews state that Instaboink is not a good site in terms of security. There are plenty of fakes, and there is a scam; rumor has it. So, your safety depends on you only if you decide to utilize this service.

After creating a profile, as reviews say, novice user needs to familiarize themselves with the security rules. Since when looking for a relationship online, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Security of personal data. It is better to have a separate email to register, do not indicate your real name and phone number.
  2. Reliable password. It is better to choose a new password that has not been used before. Also, do not save automatic password entry – this is also necessary for security.
  3. Correspondence security. During correspondence, you should not tell the interlocutor the place of work, the exact address, and phone number. Before a real meeting, all conversations should be limited to the internal messaging system on the site. In this case, if something goes wrong, then communication can be easily interrupted without consequences.
  4. Don’t send money. Fraudsters are excellent psychologists and know well which spiritual buttons to press in order to arouse pity and compassion.

Help & Support

If you are facing problems, you can contact the customer support team, but, as reviews say, there is no information about whether you will get professional help or not.

Alternative Services

Is Instaboink a good dating site? Unfortunately, we can’t say so. If you desperately want it, you can try it, but here are several alternatives we recommend.

  1. Eharmony.
  2. Match.com.
  3. EliteSingles.
  4. Silver Singles.
  5. Parship.
  6. OkCupid.

Instaboink registration question


First of all, a dating site is a place where you can present yourself from any side. You can present yourself smarter, more beautiful, better than you are, in the hope of meeting a person who would never even look at you in life. And here, the goals and methods of representatives of different sexes, of course, are also different.

A dating site is generally designed to search for a specific person as long as the goal is clearly formulated. Some people are looking for small joys for a limited time. Some are looking for life partners. Some are looking for travel companions. And another huge plus of dating sites is that you can find a person who meets almost any request here. It is not so simple in life, each of us has his own social circle, and only a few have it wide enough. Nevertheless, Instaboink is not the best choice to find your love.


What Is the Best Alternative to Instaboink?

Nowadays, there are so many sites that help people find soulmates that it can be pretty difficult to find the ideal one. As you have already understood, Instaboink is not the best choice. We recommend trying reputable platforms that have plenty of positive reviews, like Mtch.com, EliteSingles, or simply Badoo.

How to Use Instaboink?

According to reviews, the procedure is simple: having opened the site, you have to indicate your gender and some preferences. It seems normal, but then you will proceed to another registration page that requires your credit card data. We don’t recommend sharing such data with any unreputable sources.

Is Instaboink Site Full of Bots?

Indeed. There are so many negative reviews that we simply can’t ignore them. Many people who have experience using this platform say it’s a complete scam and don’t recommend it to anybody. So, think twice before using it and always read reviews before choosing any site.