Friendship or Sympathy – How to Tell If a Girl Likes You

So, there is one girl that you like, and you just can’t understand her. Is she just being polite or is she flirting with you? Things get complicated if she sends mixed signals. Not all of us are pickup artists who have a sixth sense of whether a woman thinks you’re cool or not. However, it is simply impossible to deal with some women. This guessing game about whether someone likes you or not can be extremely tiring. Of course, you can ask questions to ask a girl, but again she may be joking and not answer directly. However, we know how to tell by certain signs whether a woman likes you or not.

What Makes a Girl Fall for You?

Our organism and body can say much more than language. And if you know how to look and analyze, then you can quickly spot genuine signs of female attraction. In this section of the review, we will talk about the main signs of female sympathy.

She Likes to Talk to You

This may be difficult to interpret. Some girls who like you smile when they talk to you, while others are overwhelmed by their nervousness and prefer to avoid the situation. But also pay attention to whether she wants to talk to you herself or if you will always be the one to initiate it. Does she just stand there and wait to be spoken to? And when you talk to her, does she smile or does she like it? Is she behaving differently than usual? You can ask open-ended questions to ask a girl – if she answers them with interest, she likes this conversation and you, as an interlocutor. It’s not far from sympathy.

She is Often Next to You

Another of the important signs she is interested in you. We mean those situations where this neighborhood is not necessary. Is she usually less than five meters away from you during recess at school, university, or the office? If you haven’t made an appointment with her or something like that, does she always seem to be around? Coincidentally, is she also at the concert, or at the bar you mentioned in passing while you were there on the weekend? Or is it something completely different, like you always meet in the kitchen at the office when you just want to grab a coffee? Depending on the situation and environment, this can mean a lot or nothing.

Of course, this may all be a coincidence, but do they exist, or is everything going according to a higher plan? Well, now we’re getting too philosophical. However, this may well indicate that she likes you. It makes sense that people who find you attractive are also looking for your company – thus women want to allow you to talk to them.

how to tell if a girl likes you

She Likes Your Jokes

We continue to talk about signs a girl likes you, and this is already serious artillery. Almost every suggestion you make that doesn’t seem serious makes her giggle? This is a pretty clear sign that she likes you, if so. However, some insecure people always laugh or smile out of politeness, just so as not to make a negative impression on others.

Interest from Her Friends

If her friends somehow treat you differently or ask what you think of her, it could mean they know more. If her friends leave you room to talk, such as relaxing and no longer accepting the girl you’re interested in, it could mean that she’s told them about you or talks about you regularly and that her friends want to help her win her heart. If her friends are giggling, smiling, smiling, or watching the two of you interact as soon as you’re around, they know more: she likes you.

She Often Touches Her Hair

This is one of the common signs a woman is interested in a man. Suppose she is talking to you and twisting a strand of hair between her fingers or winding it around her finger. This may be a signal that she is subconsciously flirting, or that she is nervous when talking to you. Most people worry about things that are important to them and that they don’t want to embarrass. But people are different, as has been said many times before. Some women tend to be shy and always comb their hair with their fingers as soon as they talk to the opposite sex. So, it could also be a pure quirk. However, if you only observe this phenomenon when she is talking to you and not to another guy, it could very well be a sign that she is interested in you.

Read Her Body Language

The body will give you hints that a girl likes you. Women tend to be much more cunning than men when they want to arouse the interest of those they like. They often try to look more beautiful, put on new, maybe even provocative clothes in your presence, or always assume a completely different position around you than usual. If she is trying to seem better at these moments, she is interested in your attention.

Videos About Body Language and Small Hints

Of course, over time, you will learn to understand whether a girl likes you. It is important to pay attention to details and practice. And the best way to consolidate knowledge and become a real expert is to watch videos with recommendations, tips, and visual examples. We have put together some good options for you.

How Do You Make a Girl Blush?

Of course, you can make a girl blush just by asking her a dirty question or telling a dirty joke. But we are talking about the pleasant side – compliments for the girl. This is a real art that will help you win the sympathy and heart of a girl. We will show you how to give compliments correctly.

  • Determine what a woman appreciates in herself. These are good questions to ask a girl, let them tell about themselves and what they are proud of. Girls are usually embarrassed when compliments are given to them, and they are more cordially accepting those compliments that they agree with. Notice what she’s proud of based on common experiences, and praise her for one of those things.
  • Consider what she is struggling with or working on. Although you can just ask her – these are great questions to ask a girl. Like you or anyone, she probably loves to have her hard work appreciated. If you know that she has worked very hard on something or there is something that she doubts or is not sure about, you can praise her for it. But be careful, there may be hidden pitfalls here.
  • Think about the things she appreciates about you and other people. Recall the conversations you’ve had and find what she appreciates in others but thinks she lacks – and praise that quality in her. You could notice her words about how she likes you and that you always achieve what you want, and she is not inferior to you in this. You may have noticed how much she regretted that her figure was not similar to the physique of another girl, but you think that her figure is even better.
  • Compliment her personality. The best thing you can praise a girl for is her personality. Moreover, now you know what to ask a girl so that she talks about herself with maximum interest. And that’s a great compliment. It’s something that she can control in a certain way and that’s her, in essence, unlike something like clothing, which usually says very little about the girl and what she is. Think about the things you like about her as a person, and then compliment her for it.
  • Compliment her accomplishments. You see when a woman is interested in sharing her successes. And it is quite appropriate to compliment her on what she has achieved. This is also something that she can control and that says something about her as a person. Think about what she has worked hard for or what she does that you admire – helping someone or doing the right thing in a difficult situation, and compliment her for it.


Well, we told you about signs a girl is interested in a partner or interlocutor. Your task is to learn to notice such signs and create situations that stimulate their appearance. Practice will help you. Of course, there will be mistakes along the way, but it will help you improve and find your happiness.

Questions & Answers

How Can I Attract a Girl Without Talking to Her?

First of all, it is worth remembering that women love confident men. It is best if you do your favorite thing at this time (for example, go to the gym, swim, play the guitar). Your confidence is a real magnet. And you can notice at this moment the signs she likes you. Remember – be yourself and be a confident man. So, your chances of making a good impression are much higher.

How Do I Convince a Girl to Kiss Me?

You already know how to know if a girl likes you. This means that you can create the perfect kissing situation. You can enjoy pleasant communication that brings pleasure to both of you, go for a walk or just spend time together. And when you feel that the moment has come, and the girl is as relaxed as possible, take the initiative into your own hands. Kiss her first, confidently and frankly. After all, you are a man and in your hands is the key to a harmonious relationship.