HotOrNot Review In A Nutshell

The question “Am I hot or not?” is popular among singles. Such a question was disturbing the young friends in 2000. Hence, they decided to launch the product like the online dating website. They complete the idea on full engines. In the beginning, the project was not serious. It was a light dating site without registration or whatever.

Is HotOrNot a good dating site? Besides, today it is a decent and popular dating site. The number of users is not evaluated in the thousands. There are millions and millions of members. Review it on the main page of the site. The experience of the web site’s existence is great. The developers were working on it the whole time.

The website is accessible on the internet from all over the world. The pretty women and brave men are from different corners of the world. No prohibitions for the users. As the HotOrNot reviews show, the min page is simple and minimalistic. More than that, it is easy to navigate and review useful information. All you want is under your hand.

How does HotOrNot work? There is no need to worry about it. At each step on the platform, you will review different recommendations, advice about signup, searching activity, and security issues. Review the recommendations carefully to know all.

HotOrNot main page

Pros and Cons


  • A big number of users
  • Matchmaking system
  • The opportunity to upload photos and videos
  • Women sales
  • Great chances


  • Paid membership
  • Only English language on the site

Pricing Plan

It goes without saying, each single woman or man wants to build plans before using the website. In comparison to other dating sites, this one is transparent. It means even the unregistered people can create a review of the prices to build plans.

There are several pricing plans. The first one is free but limited to certain options. Is it good? Well, when you want just to review what is going on, the HotOrNot is good. In case you have the desire to build serious relationships and are looking for love, a free plan is not your business. Is HotOrNot worth paying for? The payment system is very easy for users, while the prices are average. So, HotOrNot is worth paying for. There are two paid plans. The first one premium. It is like a subscription for several months. When you buy this premium pack, all the services are opened.

When you do not want to pay money to stay one, three, or six months, but the credits. With the credits, you pay not for all services. The user has the number of credits. Each service has its own credit price. You used to chat with the women and pay it from the credits. Both payment systems are good. Everyone chooses what is better.

There is also a special offer to the women. They may buy the life plan. It means you pay one time and use the HotOrNot during an unlimited period of time. Looking for love, find a lot of sales and special offers. Review them on the official page of the HotOrNot.

Registration Process

HotOrNot is a prominent and experienced platform where you may try to build long and strong relationships. Is HotOrNot any good? Regarding the registration process, the site is one of the good. To become a member of the platform, create an account. It is easy. When you open the minimalistic and simple main page, you will see the window to make registration. There are two ways of signup. Both of them are understandable. It does not require any special knowledge. The first one is to complete all the necessary fields. There you have to put your name, password, city, age and select the purpose of usage.

The purpose can be different. For instance, to meet girlfriends, messaging, or date. By the way, the name is better to make it great and easy, without difficult symbols.

The password is your personal information. Do not share it with the other members during datings. Age is an important part as well. It will be in your profile visible to all users.

All this does not take a lot of time. When you want to save time more, use the authorization via social networks. It can be made via Facebook. Keep in mind, in this case, the profile will get the same name as Facebook. Also, several photos will be taken from your Facebook account. After the registration, you will take care of the profile quality. Read the review on HotOrNot dating site about it later.

HotOrNot create account

Searching Features

As an experienced online dating website, HotOrNot does not restrict users with only one way of looking for love. There you can use one of such as filters:

  • Encounters
  • People in your location
  • Singles who like your profile
  • Users who visited your profile
  •  Popular pretty women

Let’s take a precise look at the several searching filters. The first one is the encounters. Under HotOrNot review of website, the encounters are the free search among all the profiles. There are different searching features like age, location, weight, and others. Choose the criteria and review the good for your results.

The other popular way is the “People in your location”. Use this feature to review who is next to you. This feature is useful as today you may meet pretty ladies while organizing a perfect date tomorrow. Most of the members are looking for mutual love. It means the other person should like you as well. How to gain it? Review the list of people who liked your account. Get in touch with those singles and fall in love.

HotOrNot site offers the list of singles who are the hottest on the platform. Review that range of profiles and fall in love with them. They are stunning and easy-going, as one of the most popular.

HotOrNot free search is a useful tool to meet pretty women in a short period. All the features are divided into categories. So, use criteria, which respond to your goals on the HotOrNot.

Free vs. Paid Version

HotOrNot is not a fully paid or free website. To the new users of the women sex, the site is free. Women may review and use the site during several days without abandon. It lasted for three days. Some of that free service will be paid after the 3 days.

The free version allows you to sign up, search for singles, use the matchmaking system and messaging. Members who buy the paid usage have more chances and exquisite opportunities. Sending gifts, staying at the top of the popularity lists, and reviewing profiles of other members invisibly. It is only a shortlist of the opportunities you have with the paid membership.

Is HotOrNot worth it? HotOrNot is a great platform with dozens of opportunities. HotOrNot gives love to people. When alone hearts are somewhere in the world, they may be connected on the HotOrNot. It is magic, which is worth your money, efforts, and time.

Profile Quality

Not all websites can be the boast rating systems. HotOrNot has it. The review shows it is cool to check your own place on the ratings. It builds according to the visitings of your profile. All singles may vote to give the hot or not title for your profile. Hence, you may see which account is better and worse.

Besides, it is important to make your own profile interesting and popular. Despite the fact that the amount of personal information is minimal, work on it. The profile information can be changed a lot. It is possible to make it all the time. Make a short description of your personality. When you know about the woman from the profile, you will know if it’s worth it.

Photo or video is the other significant part of the account. All the popular profiles have photos and videos. The photo has to be interesting. It is like in social networks when people estimate the account with the main photo.

HotOrNot app

Mobile Application

The usability of the HotOrNot is excellent. The main page is accessible from the mobile phone, as from the computers. By the way, review claims the mobile application exists. It is free to download. All you have to do is to download it from the mobile store. How is it possible? Search for the mobile app in your store and download it. The design is as simple as on the mobile phone.

The mobile application is a great way to stay online all the time. Looking for love is an ongoing process. Pauses can lead to the missing of pretty women. Simultaneously, beautiful women prefer men, who are online all the time. Otherwise, women may think men do not want to communicate with them. Use the mobile application to stay inline with love all the time.

Safety & Security

HotOrNot review of website predicts the security system to be totally superb. HotOrNot takes very high care of the security system. Why is it so important? You give personal information to the website. Even the payment details are stored on the site. Is HotOrNot safe? The site tries to organize all the legit measures.

The first point is the verification. All the users are verified during the registration. By the way, on the main page, you can review the recommendation about legal issues to all singles on HotOrNot. When users ask you about personal information, password details, or the behavior that seems to be strange, report the support team.

To know more, review the terms of use. Their members can review all the detailed instructions about the security system and not the scam environment.

Help & Support

The truth about HotOrNot is the professional support team. When you use this online dating platform, be sure in getting advice and recommendations.

On the main page of the site, you can review the ways to contact the support team. There are contacts to call them. But, this way should be used when the situation is urgent. The payment for the call is counted under the conditions of your mobile phone operator.

The other way is to write the email to the support team or fill in the online field. The last way is the good in your case. There you may choose the problem you have. Also, describe the problem. It is recommended to make it short and clear.

Under the reviews, the support team answers the questions in a short period of time. Sometimes professionals can be overloaded with the questions, so it can be longer. Talking about the working hours, they work all day. Hence, do not hesitate to contact them even at night. To make it shorter, review the typical questions on the main site. There are a lot of questions to know about. In case you do not find something about your problem, contact the support team.

HotOrNot FAQ


How Many Members Does HotOrNot Have?

In fact, it has enough users to bring you into the relationships. Every day new people come to the site. So, there are a lot of users who have the same dreams as you are. Make your own HotOrNot dating website review every day to see the difference in the user’s amount.

Can I Use It Anonymously?

Few singles prefer to have secret relationships. To be honest, HotOrNot does not think about the anonymous use of the site. Only real lovely people and transparent relationships. Review the reliable platform truly single there.

How To Delete My Profile?

In brief, it is as easy as the signup. When you want to delete the profile, review the chance to try the 3-day free trial. It is the chance to rethink the membership and try one more time. Review the accounts to know that people sometimes put the accounts on pause.