Free Sugar Daddy Apps That Send Money Without Meeting

Sugar dating is a completely new relationship format. A lot of sugar dating portals can be found on the Net nowadays. There are even sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting. But let’s make things clear and try to understand what sugar dating is:

Sugar daddy is a rich man over the age of 35 who is looking for a young companion, and, unlike a sexual companion, sugar babies remain in long-term relationships with men. This rich man will be able to pay all the baby’s bills and offer solutions to the problems.

  • firstly, a man performs 3 roles in one: patron, sponsor, and a real daddy. He cares and respects his baby, not just uses her;
  • secondly, sex is not a prerequisite. Many daddies really don’t sleep with their sugar babies;
  • and thirdly, the relationships are strictly regulated by the contract (most often on paper, not in words).

If you are a young girl who wants to get a sugar daddy online no meeting, first of all, make sure that this man is rich, kind-hearted, and ardent. Such a man will treat his sugar baby with respect and reverence.

How to Find a Sugar Daddy

One of the ways to find rich patrons is to use the services of free sugar daddy apps that send money. There are a lot of them on the Net. Not all online portals are credible. To find a trustworthy portal to initiate the sugar daddy without dating relationships, stick to the following criteria:

  • Read the users feedback. Enroll in the portals that have a lot of positive feedback from real users. In this way, you will find a safe portal with quality and confidential services.
  • Number of subscribers, Choose the platforms for meeting a potential sugar daddy that have a lot of profiles of rich patrons. In this way, you will enhance your chances of getting a suitable candidate in the shortest possible time.
  • Safety and confidentiality are extremely important when enrolling in the sugar daddy websites to make money without meeting. Make sure that the portal does not share the users’ data with third parties, encrypts the users’ data, and verifies new subscribers.
  • Mobile dating possibilities. If you prefer dating via your mobile device, portals that offer mobile apps are what you need. They are an excellent way to contact the site’s users from any location you are.
  • Dating features. The more features the portal has, the more exciting your staying on the platform will be.

These are the main criteria to choose a good web-resource. Pay attention that women must be not less than 18 to be able to enroll in the dating portals.

sugar daddy online

Sugar Daddy Types

No matter how special daddy may seem, he is looking for a companion for certain reasons. Having solved them in time, as well as choosing the right tactics of behavior, a baby will gain an imminent success:

  • Unhappy romantic – his wife or girlfriend left him. He is looking for solace, simple human warmth, and sympathy. You need to listen to him, agree with everything, and try to get him out of a depressed state. A perfect type for girls searching for sugar daddy no relationship bonds. He is a very vulnerable, generous, and attentive admirer.
  • The knight – a man over the age of 50-55, he has already overestimated values and looks at life from the top of his experience. Therefore, he feels an urgent need to save a nice girl: pay for a student’s studies, pay off a mortgage to a young mother, etc. He is not looking for a sex partner, but behaves like a true patron, sponsor, and father.
  • Hermit – up to 45 years old, a successful businessman, constantly travels for work, and physically has no time for family. He wants to be waited for and sincerely missed.
  • A man with status – for him, an attractive baby acts as an indicator of status, that is why she will be dressed at expensive boutiques and taken everywhere with him.
  • Fake daddy – a con artist posing as a rich daddy. He immediately tries to get the girl into his bed, makes a lot of empty promises, brags about money all the time.

Sugar relationships are not a job, but a way of life. It is important to attract a sponsor with your human qualities, mind, and inner world.

Tips from Rich Daddies

There are not so many of them, but this is the foundation of a fruitful relationship:

  • Honesty and sincerity are the main success factors. Wealthy men live in a world of falsehood, conspiracy, and intrigue. They see through the lies and will be able to understand whether the sugar baby is sincere or not.
  • It is important to keep the rhythm of the relationship – to pay enough attention, but not to be too intrusive. Not to fall in love, not to cross the boundaries of what is allowed, and not to demand more than a daddy is able to offer.
  • Be clearly aware of your responsibilities and articulate your needs.
  • Forget about jealousy, tantrums, feelings.
  • Do not interfere in daddy’s personal life (family, business, relationships with friends).

Best Portals for Meeting Sugar Daddies

A lot of young ladies are in search of rich patrons and relationships based on mutual benefits. Here is the list of the best portals where you can meet rich men and start sugar daddy affairs:

Ashley Madison

Best for secret affairs

Ashley Madison is highly preferred by people in search of extramarital flings. That is why it can be considered as one of the best sugar dating portals. The portal has both free and payable subscriptions. A free package includes a scant set of features. That is why it is better to choose a premium subscription:

Prices and Subscriptions

  • Free Version: Available
  • Basic – 100 credits for $49.00
  • Classic – 500 credits for $149.00
  • Elite – 1000 credits for $249.00

Sugar Daddy for Me

Best way to get to a sugar world for free

Sugar Daddy For Me was launched in 2004. The portal is aimed at uniting rich daddies and attractive young babies. The portal has a plain design and interface, but it is fully functional and is perfect for meeting a potential sugar daddy.

Prices and Plans

  • Free Version: Available
  • Silver subscription: $29.95/month plus $5.95 admin fee
  • Gold subscription: $34.95/month plus $5.95 admin fee

Sugar Daddie

Best for finding genuine users’ profiles

The portal has been functioning for many years. It has responsive customer support, provides safe and quality services – all profiles are checked manually by the portal’s administrators. That is why most profiles are genuine on the platform

Prices and Plans

  • Free Version: Available
  • 1 month plan costs $24.99/month
  • 3-month plan costs $16.66/month
  • 6-month plan costs $14.99/month


Best for finding young rich patrons

The portal can boast a large database of subscribers, safe services, and plenty of features. The platform offers both free and payable subscriptions. It is up to you to decide what subscription plan to choose. Pay attention that sugar babies pay less for premium packages.

Prices and Plans

  • Free Version: Available
  • 1 month subscription: SB$14.99/month | SD $69.99/month
  • 3-month membership: SB $10.99/month | SD $56.99/month
  • 6-month subscription: SB $7.99/month | SD $40.99/month
Sugar Daddy Types

Sugar Daddy Meet

Best for initiating rich daddy relationships

Sugar Daddy Meet is a well-known portal that has been functioning for many years. The web-resource verifies new subscribers; the majority of profiles are genuine. The gender proportion is 40% of males and 60% of females. This means that girls have high chances of finding a rich patron on this portal. Pay attention that the portal is aimed at only straight people.

Prices and Plans

  • Free Version: Available
  • 1 month package costs $50/month
  • 3-month package costs $30/month
  • 6-month package costs $24/month

All these platforms are aimed at different kinds of sugar dating relationships. You can find both a sugar daddy looking for conversation and those who are looking for younger sex partners.

All these portals offer both free and payable subscriptions. It is up to you to decide what subscription plan to choose. Pay attention that free subscriptions have a limited set of features. To be more successful when dating online, it is better to purchase a premium package. Do not forget that all the portals to date sugar daddies allow registration to only users who have reached the age of the majority (18 and more).


Nowadays, it is not difficult to find rich daddy relationships. If your goal is to meet a rich sponsor, try the services of specialized dating platforms. There are a lot of them on the Net. Not all the portals are credible and safe.

Be responsible when choosing a site of acquaintances. Stick to the criteria described above. Remember to enroll in any dating portal, you must be not less than 18. To start using the services of a virtual web-resource, you must pass through an enrollment procedure first and create a profile. The whole procedure is usually simple and does not require much time.

You only need to provide some of your personal details and add several nice photos to your profile page. Most portals offer free and payable services. Free subscribers will only get a basic set of features. Most communication options will be unavailable to them. To take advantage of all the portal’s features, it is recommended to purchase a premium subscription.

There are several tariff plans on the website, as a rule. The more prolonged subscription will cost you less per a month. The prices for payable services are different. They depend on the set of features the portal offers and the number of subscribers it has. Some portals offer fully free services.

However, the number of free and safe portals is small. Most free portals have a lot of phony profiles and scammers. That is why it is better to enroll in the portals with both free and payable services.

All in all, sites of acquaintances are the most popular way to find rich patrons and start relationships based on mutual benefits.


Can You Be a Sugar Baby Without Meeting?

There are a lot of sugar babies. They are mostly singles in search of rich patrons to solve their financial problems. They use the services of specialized web-resources that help them find rich daddies to start mutually beneficial relationships.

Where Can I Find a Sugar Daddy to Send Me Money?

The best way to find rich daddies is to enroll in one of the specialized websites. There are a lot of them on the Net. The most crucial thing is to choose a credible portal with plenty of genuine profiles. One more demand must be met: only people of legal age (18 and more) can register on dating webs-resources.

Which Sugar Daddy App Is Free?

Most virtual sites and apps for sugar relationships proffer both free and paid subscriptions. They are safer and more reliable. If you intend to enroll in one of the free sugar daddy apps that send money without meeting, try Sugar Daddy Meet application. It contains a lot of subscribers and provides quality services.