Feabie Review: Online Dating Site for Bigger People

Feabie is a part of Big Beautiful Women sites. They are also called BBW communities. The goal of the platform is to provide users with long-lasting relationships without hate. In this Feabie.com review, you will know about the excellent services and ways to meet love. The Feabie is only for people who admire fat people and do not shock by such status.

Feabie tells users about the equal right to love and be loved. The bullying and hate are punished on the site. When something goes wrong, or the users’ behavior is discriminative, they can be excluded from the membership.

Use the good services, instant messaging, and creative matchmaking system to fall in love there. Feabie is a new way to meet singles online. Choose comfort and tolerate the environment than alone evenings and noisy dating sites.

Pros and Cons


  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Fast support team
  • Great antidiscriminative policy
  • Fast and easy registration
  • Interesting forums to date


  • Most of the users are BBW
  • No vulgarity

Feabie main page

Pricing Plan

As a rule, online dating websites have only paid versions. The free plans do not allow you to achieve the results. Talking about the Feabie, the situation differs a lot. The truth about Feabie is free usage. You may review paid versions on the website as well.

The paid plan is called Feabie XL. It means you may get twice more functionality and pleasure with it. With a free plan, you have the chance only to message. What is about creative chats and shows, communication during the live stream, and other common activities?

Feabie XL gives it all for you. The payment is monthly. Every month you have to pay money. It is possible to buy the subscription for one, three or six months. By buying it for the longest period of time, you save money.

In review, former users share the ideas that the free plan gives the chance to achieve all you want. Hence, it depends on the members and what they want to do on the platform.

Registration Process

To get access to the services, everyone should create an account. In other words, you have to make your profile. It is very similar to the social network system but has differences as well. The registration is quick and easy. To make it faster, people use the Facebook signup. It is when you are taking the Facebook account to make registration. It takes a few seconds. By the way, all the information from your Facebook account will be on the Feabie. When you like it, feel free and signup.

A lot of future users do not want to connect the account on the dating site with the social networks. For those, there is a fast system of registration. There are data you have to fulfill:

  • Username. A great and exciting username will make your account attractive for other users. The name can be yours or a nickname. It does not matter.
  • Email address. The other users will not review your email address. Besides, out the only real address to the account, as your account needs verification via it.
  • Date of the birth. The platform encourages adults to use the website. Hence, when you are less than eighteen years old, the usage is impossible. Put your real date of birth to avoid trouble.
  • Gender. Choose your sex. The system will automatically match you to girlfriends of the opposite sex.
  • Choose preferences. You have to choose the gender of the women or men you are looking for love.
  • Terms of use. Review the conditions of using the site. There will be noted all the peculiarities and terms of use. Read the details to be the full-right user. Put the tick that you agree on.

Feabie create account

Searching Features

Is Feabie any good? Where else can you review the compatible luxury partner in a few minutes? It is impossible in real life. While the other dating platforms do not provide users with excellent features. The Feabie takes care of each user on the site. Hence, everyone gets personal support. The Feabie free search gives the chance to meet the singles quickly. They all fit your requirements and needs. It helps to make the conversations interesting and lasting.

Turning on the location criteria, you may review who is near to you. Close location is a perfect way to meet singles offline. By the way, there are many other criteria to complete the search. For instance, choose the age variants or weight types, only with photos or online ladies. The great number of the searching criteria allows getting a short amount of profile, which will fit your desires.

Free vs. Paid Version

As a fact, users have a strong desire to use the sites for free. Money has value in life. Besides, what is the purpose of online relationships when you do not have the chance to use all services? Under Feabie reviews, the site is free only for the essential services. One of them is messaging.

By the way, to join the chats or videos, you have to buy a paid plan. It is not expensive in comparison to the other dating communities. It is better to buy the pack for the year. It will be cheaper and more effective.

Considering the fact, the platform provides all people with good services and completes the needs; it is worth the money. How many would you pay to review your XL love in real-life? The atmosphere is friendly and non-discriminative. All the users are protected.

When you bought the subscription but do not want to continue using it. Imagine you have already found your love. Write down the report to the support team. They will return your money. All the payment activities could be done without the tariff.

Is Feabie worth paying for? Regarding it, the free version is a little bit worse than the paid ones. Still, it is your choice.

Feabie features

Profile Quality

How does Feabie work? The site is thought to be excellent in the work and operations. Each user should make a little effort on the profile. How can others find your profile? Well, it is possible, when you put a lot of interesting facts inside. How to make it?

The profile can be changed when you want. The information and photos are contemporary. When you created the account, put some information about your age, height, location, name, and interests. Talking about interests, do not write a lot. Just show your work, hobby, and previous dating experience. Some ladies add the facts about their favorite book when the others are talking about films and shows.

More than that, the profile is like your appearance on the platform. The profile forms the first impression of you. Thus, try to make it cute. Pay a lot of attention to the photos. They have to be real. Show your appearance in real life. Review the recommendation of the usage on the Feabie. There you will review the tip about the reality of photos. The singles will be frustrated if your main picture will not be real.

In case you have no imagination about the profile, review the other’s accounts. There you will review a lot of interesting tips and recommendations. Review the typically asked questions to get the advice. Feabie gives all to you to make a perfect profile. Take all the recommendations to update the account and build relationships.

Mobile Application

Is Feabie worth it? The usability of the Feabie is ideal. Take whatever device you want and begin looking for love. The platform has the perfect and fast mobile application. Tere reviews show there are no differences between the mobile application and the main page in the browser. All you need to get the application is to go to the mobile store. It does not matter which operating system your device has. Open the store and download the platform for free.

As you open it, the window for login will appear. Use the same information for signup. The design and usability are the same.

The Feabie app has a lot of advantages. You can stay online all the time. The funny notifications will report you when your love is online, or someone liked your profile. Review the mobile application to stay in touch all the time. The key rule of strong and lasting relationships is ongoing contact.

Feabie app

Safety & Security

Feabie review of website claims the users do not need to worry about safety. The first interesting feature is the safety of photos. Singles on the platform may hide photos from the general public and open them only to specific members. It means you designate the circle of girlfriends who can review your personal images. In case the user wants to review your hidden photos, you may accept or dismiss the request. Such a feature allows one to choose singles for communication and get rid of the disliked.

The professionals support the community, as they know how it is important to communicate safely. The site tries to make all the good to protect the personal information of the singles. You provide the platform with an email address, location, payment details. This information is stored on the site. No one has access to it. Moreover, people who are not members of the Feabie cannot review your account of photos. That’s why the platform keeps legit and not scam the environment inside on the platform.

People should create an account to get access to the searching features. All the profiles go under the verification process. Is Feabie safe? The site makes sure to stay secure and protected. By the way, try to maintain such a policy. Review the main safety tips to be aware you can keep the safety of your profile as well. When the users complete all the requirements, they can review the safety and legit atmosphere.

Help & Support

What is Feabie.com? It is the website for fat datings. The specificity of the website requires a lot of attention from customer support. Hence, you can get help and advice when you need it. But, the customer support team also protects people in case of discriminative or offensive behavior. How to contact the support team?

You will review on the website the button “Contact Us”. Click here to see the menu for communication. You may fill in the online inquiry and wait for the answer. There are also a lot of interesting recommendations of use and frequently asked questions.

The support team regulates different types of problems. For instance, they can tell you what to do with the searching features if you do not know. Feel free to communicate with them. As a rule, the answer you can review in a short period of time.

Feabie FAQ


Is Feabie A Real Dating Site?

Feabie is a website with a long and strong history. The community on the site is great, which is visible from the review on Feabie dating site. Regarding the number of feedbacks and real users, the site is trustworthy and effective. More people start looking for love on the platform.

Is It Worth It?

The Feabie is highly popular among BBW all over the world. Happy evenings, a cheerful atmosphere, and sincere feelings are waiting for you on the site. Feabie dating website review claims the price is not so high. It makes the platform affordable and attractive for new people.

Is Feabie Free?

As a user-friendly community, the Feabie has free and paid versions. You may use it free and review all the profiles and communicate. In case you need more advanced features, pay money to review it.

Can I Use It Anonymously?

The security policy encourages all the users to put real user names or nicknames. All the accounts are verified. In case you put your nickname as the username, the site would have your real name. Only the true love on the Feabie.