eHarmony Cost: Advantages to Use Paid Services

eHarmony is a popular dating platform that offers free and paid dating services to its clients. What is eHarmony cost, and why is it advantageous to use its paid membership? Free eHarmony users get a somewhat limited set of features. They can’t send messages or see photos. To do this, you need to upgrade your membership to a premium. How much is eHarmony membership? You will have to pay from $18 to $70 per month. The site’s prices depend on the duration of your subscription plan. The more prolonged your subscription is, the less you pay.

Does eHarmony Cost Money? Free Features of the Site

Most online dating sites offer their users free and paid features. eHarmony is no exception. If you ask: “Does eHarmony cost money?” The answer is: “Yes, it does.” However, there is also a free membership with a somewhat limited set of features. Free membership is good if you want to test the online platform and see how it functions. What are dating features available at no charge on this site?

  • Registration and profile creation;
  • Sending winks and smiles to other users to show your interest;
  • View profiles of other members;
  • Add other users to your list of favorites;
  • Send five questions generated by the site;
  • Browse users’ profiles that don’t meet your dating criteria.

eHarmony Prices: Fee-Based Features

eHarmony prices are different and depend on the duration of your subscription plan. As a premium user, you will get a lot of dating possibilities to meet your love and build strong relationships:

  • View photos of other users;
  • See people who have you in their lists of favorites;
  • See users who viewed you;
  • Get unlimited messaging options;
  • Be anonymous when browsing through other users’ profiles;
  • Get matches that don’t meet your dating criteria.

To pay eHarmony fees is easy. The following payment options are available for the users of this platform: credit card and PayPal.

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How Much Does eHarmony Cost? Site’s Premium Memberships

How much does eHarmony cost? There are several eHarmony pricing plans: Premium Lite, Premium Plus, and Premium Extra. Premium Lite is the cheapest one. The set of options it gives is not so extensive. It can be purchased for a period of six months. eHarmony Plus is available for the period of twelve months, and Premium Extra can be purchased for the period of two years. How much does eHarmony cost a month? The following comparative table illustrates the cost of eHarmony services.

Subscription Plan Duration Price Per Month Total Price
eHarmony Lite Half-year Almost $70 Nearly $420
Premium Plus Twelve months Approximately $23 Nearly $275
eHarmony Extra Twenty four months Almost $18 Almost $432.

The Eharmony price is above average. You need to pay to get qualitative dating services. Moreover, you can save if you purchase a more prolonged subscription. Another good thing is that you can pay a total eHarmony subscription cost at once or pay it by three installments. The period given to pay for these three installments is the first ninety days of your membership. eHarmony subscription is renewed automatically. To cancel your subscription, you need to skip to the Settings section.

Though the price you will have to pay is somewhat high, you will get a lot of cool options for successful Internet dating. First of all, to register on the site is simple, though it may take a longer time in comparison with other dating platforms. Remember that registration on all dating sites is allowable only if a user is 18 and more. The site has millions of users from 200 countries worldwide. You will get plenty of profiles of beautiful women and handsome men ready to date. The site is extremely popular in the USA. The number of eHarmony USA users is 29,000,000. Profiles on the site are quite detailed.

Thus, you will be able to find a person who meets your dating criteria in the shortest possible time. The platform offers a mobile app for those who are fond of dating on the go. The app is free to download, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The platform has a user-friendly interface, and it’s easy to navigate it. The set of special features is quite standard, but it’s enough to find a decent partner. The platform is safe. It performs the verification of its new users to reduce the number of fake accounts on the site. It also uses an SSL connection to encrypt the users’ data and prevent it from interception.

To Sum Up

If you are searching for a pretty lady or a handsome guy, the best way to do this is to register on dating sites. One of the best platforms on the market of dating services is eHarmony. The site is reputable, has an extensive database of users from all over the world, and cool features. Some features of this dating site are available for free, and some of them require payment. Free user will be somewhat limited within his/her free subscription. To use the site’s services in full, a user must purchase a premium subscription. There are three tariff plans available for users. How much do the premium services of eHarmony cost? The prices are different and depend on the subscription you choose.

Pay attention that the more prolonged your subscription is, the less you pay. There are several ways to pay for your premium subscription. Choose the most suitable for you. You can pay for a premium membership at once, or you can pay for it in installments. Three installments within the first three months of your subscription are allowed to pay for your premium services. All pricing plans are auto-renewed. To cancel your premium membership, go to Settings and follow the instructions.

To conclude it all, if you are searching for a reliable dating platform with plenty of profiles of attractive ladies and guys, excellent features, and a convenient interface, eHarmony is what you need to try. Although eHarmony fees are high a little bit, the platform is worth every penny spent.


How Much to Join Eharmony?

To join this dating site, you have to register and create a profile. The registration and profile creation is free of charge on the platform. Moreover, the site offers free and premium memberships. It’s up to you to decide what membership to choose. Pay attention that free users will get a rather scant set of features. To use the site’s dating possibilities in full, you have to acquire a premium membership.

How Much Does Eharmony Charge For Its Premium Services?

The prices are different and depend on the subscription plan you’ve chosen. The price you will have to pay is from $18 to $70 per month. Moreover, the more prolonged your subscription is, the less you pay for a month. You also can pay your payment in installments. Three installments within the first three months are allowable.

Is Eharmony Expensive?

The cost you will have to pay for premium services of this platform is above average. However, you will have to pay to get safe and reliable services, plenty of profiles of attractive singles, and great features.