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Experience is the good sign of quality in relationships. This site is one of the oldest adult dating sites. This community was launched in 2000. Chat-Avenue reviews become better and nicer with the years of activity. At the beginning of existing the platform were different troubles, as the services were new. Is Chat-Avenue a good dating site? Today, Chat-Avenue offers a vast variety of excellent communication features, matchmaking algorithms, and even several chat rooms.

Chat rooms are the other point to be proud of. Everyone can find a community for their interests. There are such chat rooms on the site:

  • Adult Chat
  • Boys Chat
  • Teen Chats
  • Lesbian Chat
  • Sport Chat
  • Music Chat
  • Mobile Chat
  • Others

As you see, the number of chats are very high. More than that, the website is adding new types of chats all the time. People cannot only messaging their but also speak, make discussions and shows of different formats.

From the first review, the platform is suitable for different tastes and ages.

ChatAvenue main page

Pros and Cons


  • Amazing popularity
  • Great experience
  • Advanced messaging
  • The perfect variety of the chat rooms
  • Accessible all over the world
  • No vulgarity


  • Adult groups are only 18+
  • There sometimes can be suspicious users

Pricing Plan

Chat-Avenue is working towards new relationships and feelings. Considering it, the site is not paid. It is free for all people. Some users think it is to be impossible, as most online dating websites are paid. Simultaneously, there are no paid pricing plans on Everyone can join the community and start dating activities.

From the beginning of the website’s existence, there were several pricing plans. As a rule, the sites of such content use Gold Plans and Premium one. On the website, everyone gets access to the Premium Plan after the signup. The Premium Plan is free. The only circumstance is the obeying of all rules of use. Is Chat-Avenue worth paying for? Without a doubt, it’s worth it, as you do not need to pay any money.

Registration Process

As you already know, to get access to the services, you have to create an account. It is easy and important to get the Premium Plan for usage. There are two ways to become the members of the platform. As you open the main page, you will review the list of the chat rooms and the short content of them.

What is next? Just to get access to the chat room, you have to enter the username. After that, you will get into the chat as a guest. The position of the guest is not discriminative. Besides, pretty ladies adjust more to the registered members.

After you made the Chat-Avenue review of the website, get through the window for signup. It is short and easy, which makes it easy to create an account. Fill in the username, great password, and email. First of all, the email should be real. Via it, the service will make the verification. More than that, email is the way to communicate and get to know about the last updates in the site.

The username should be great. When you enter the chat, the other singles review your username and photo. In fact, they estimate you via your username. Review profiles on the site to know which usernames people typically use.

The last point is the password. You have to create the password, which you will use to join the chats. It can be different. The platform did not make any demands on the passwords. Use the same password to enter all chats.

As you see, the signup is not hard or difficult to complete. Besides, you get the chance to save time while entering various groups.

Chat-Avenue free chat

Searching Features

How does Chat-Avenue work? There are no difficulties with the work. Just as you have completed the registration, open the list of profiles. The website will make the supposed list of friends for you.  Review it for the ladies and pretty girlfriends. When you do not have the ideal partners for you there, continue looking for love with other options.

To be honest, there are no searching options on the Chat-Avenue. Most singles meet their love on online dating websites. Still, the option of searching is available. For instance, you saw the lady on the chat. How to find her to communicate one to one? Enter her username in the searching field and find her. It is easy.

Besides, there is also the chance to review the profiles of the stunning singles on the Chat-Avenue. Sort them with the joining data, alphabet, or level of activity. What you want is possible. Such as searching features that are not worse than the extended. In some aspects, they are even better. Review the detailed instructions for using it on the main page.

Free vs. Paid Version

It is clear to understand that free and paid versions are the popular object for comparing. After reading this Chat-Avenue review of the website, you will understand why it is a nuisance for this platform. Chat-Avenue is free. Is Chat-Avenue any good? Chat-Avenue turns dreams into reality, even for free. It is easy to make people happier and stay working to get more positive results.

Most people wonder why this dating platform is on the top of ratings of different communities. The reason is quite evident. You get the same good for no money. Using the other paid sites to make a date of meet love, you pay money each month or buy the subscription for a certain period of time. With Chat-Avenue, you get the same services for no money. It is a cool and amazing possibility.

Chat Avenue opens the doors for long-lasting relationships with perfect communicational options for people all over the world. No restrictions on one online dating site. Is Chat-Avenue worth it? Review on your own and stay happier at once.

Profile Quality

What is a profile quality, and how to gain it? It is challenging to make all under the requirements. But, it is only with the other dating communities. Using this site, you will get no requirements and restrictions. All the users are free in their descriptions on the profiles.

By the way, do not forget about the rules of the site. You should follow them. So, the profiles cannot have vulgarity or other abusive information. The only demand is to provide your account with the username, password, and email.

The platform is gorgeous for the recommendations. You will get them if something can be made better on your profile. Still, there is a strong issue about the profile’s photos. Do not leave the profile without photos. Add something interesting and attractive. The singles like profiles with the images. Keep in mind, the women will review you on the chat. So, there is no reason to take the photo from the Internet. It is better to make your own photo.

The communicational tools allow review and sending different photos, videos, and other stuff. Hence, you may upload only one photo to the profile and share more shots during the messaging.

Chat-Avenue guide

Mobile Application

The specific platform demands the existence of the mobile application. Under the review, the usability is great. Hence, start looking for love using your mobile phone. It is perfect to stay online all the time. You get the notification, review the message about the new chat and join it. With the computer, it is harder to be online all the time. Although, during business trips or traveling, you get the great possibility to be in the connection.

Going on, the mobile application is as free as the whole website. Review your mobile store and find the application. There is no difference in which operating system you are using. Chat-Avenue applications are accessible on Android, Apple, Windows, and other systems. All of them are free.

Chat-Avenue is careful and helpful. Open the mobile application and review the same good options as on the browser site. It is even easy to send videos or photos from a mobile phone. Using the computer, you should wait for a certain period to send the file. There are also many other advantages, which you will review during the membership.

Safety & Security

The Chat-Avenue is working only with the verified members. Besides, as the platform is online, you have to be careful. From one side, Chat-Avenue makes all to supply you with a legit and not scam atmosphere.

Otherwise, new people join chats and create accounts all the time. It is impossible to eradicate the scam and viruses forever. Besides, it is possible to hone the community and connect new security programs. The truth about Chat-Avenue is on the main page. Review the Policy of Use to know all the secrets of the safety system.

In order to reinforce the security measures, the website has certain rules. First of all, you can “flag the user”. It means the user will stop writing to you. The profile gets the red color in that case. It is the way to protect yourself from the false singles. By the way, when you find the women or men are abusive towards you, block them. If you block the user, no one can continue messaging with them. The “flag” is only visible for you when the blocking is visible to all.

Is Chat-Avenue safe? The website is honing security measures all the time. Be attentive and complete the recommended safety measures to keep not scam and a legit environment.

Help & Support

Are you alone on the Chat-Avenue? No, there are polite and tolerant Chat-Avenue professionals who are ready to help you. As the platform has a really big dating experience, you will get advice and recommendations. Throughout the years, the site has a lot of users. There were a lot of questions and messages to the support team.

Regarding all the previous experience, the website creators have made the typically asked questions and a blog. There you will find all the details of the first time using and communicating.

Under the Chat-Avenue review of website, every user can send the question to the support team. They answer in a short period of time. When the number of questions is big, there can be delays. Going on, check if your question is not among the typically asked. The support team will not answer such questions.

At least, many users wonder when they can contact the support team. A review on Chat-Avenue dating site shows those professionals are working for the whole day. So, feel free to ask them when you want.

Chat-Avenue FAQ


How Many Members Does It Have?

The review of the number of members is impossible. New singles join the community every second. So, now there can be one number when through the five minutes the amount will vary a lot. With the great number of women, users forget the number.

How To Use Chat-Avenue?

There are two appropriate ways. The first one is to review the mobile store and find the application there. The mobile applications are as good as the browser page. Review both ways and choose what is better for you. All of them are free.

Is It Worth It?

After the Chat-Avenue dating website review, you will review all the pros. The platform is created for people and works on them. The amount of opportunities is great and big. All you need is to use them properly, considering the rules of use. The community is worth your time and attention.

Can I Use It Anonymously?

The username is the essential part of the profile and accounts. The Chat-Avenue free search is impossible when the users are anonymous. To achieve nice results, stay open to new meetings and chats. Create an interesting username and become happy with the Chat-Avenue.

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