A Comprehensive 2RedBeans Review: Leading Chinese Dating Site

2RedBeans has promising results and works perfectly to maintain its reputation for so long. It is a passionate project, to say the least. During our 2RedBeans review, we read many success stories and positive comments from happy 2RedBeans members. Why do people admire it, and what are the features of the site? Let’s read the detailed information about two red beans dating sites.

Pros and Cons

You want to use a dating site when it provides a necessary amount of quality perks whilst not obstructing your experience with deal-breaking issues. During our experience with 2RedBeans we had no severe issues, and there are really good aspects to praise the site with. Let’s take a closer look at the good and bad aspects.


  • Good space for creating international couples with the Chinese
  • There is a convenient mobile app version
  • The Absence of scam profiles
  • Huge number of users
  • good matchmaking system


  • The mobile app is unavailable on IOS platforms
  • The prices for membership are high
  • Validation system needs an improvement
  • Customer support is not available at all times

2RedBeans main page

2RedBeans Profiles

When you look at the 2RedBeans user base, it is divided into groups in terms of age and gender. Most male users are between 35 and 45 years old. They are mainly of Caucasian ethnicity, while the female members are mainly between 25 and 45 years old and belong to Asian countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia.

The 2RedBeans website’s premium members are mainly male members looking for Asian women. The majority of members use standard accounts.

To take advantage of all the features and effective communication, we recommend upgrading to a premium membership. Premium members can enjoy all communication services; even free members can reply for free. It is best to upgrade if you are seriously looking for an Asian date.

2RedBeans Main Features

2RedBeans platform has many interesting and exciting features that have made the 2RedBeans website in demand for so many years. Let’s take a look at some of its main outstanding features.

  • Members can create an impressive profile of details
  • The instant messaging service is only available to premium members
  • There is a block list for unwanted members
  • Members are allowed to delete their accounts or deactivate their membership at any time
  • Members can customize the type of emails they want to receive from 2redbean
  • Users can also see who has visited their profile

2RedBeans features

2RedBeans Matchmaking

The first idea completes your profile to find the best matches. Don’t skip fields just because you don’t have time. The matching algorithm uses the information in your profile to find the best matches. If you ignore the preferences field in your matches, how will you find your dream match?

The majority of the 2RedBeans website’s members seem to have serious intentions. The Western or European profile has a mixed ratio of serious and casual relationship seekers. No matter what you are looking for, there is something for everyone; you can find a soul mate, a friend, or a partner for the night. The quality of the match availability is good, and the extensive search filters help to find the best match.

2 Red Beans Bookmarks

What is nice is that you can create your own list of preferred people to chat with later. You are never obliged to communicate with one person only, so it’s fair. You use an advanced search and list a parameter that interests you, and then you can create a list of interesting girls based on results. For example, you can create a “Hot Blondes” list.

The User Friendly Design of 2RedBeans Website

The 2RedBeans website has a simple layout, making it easy to navigate for beginners who don’t know the first thing about dating sites. The interface and design of the 2RedBeans website is excellent, and we like the layout in general. However, there are a lot of pictures everywhere you look, but they are expected of a dating site.

During our 2 red beans review, we’ve noticed that the site has great speed even if your internet connection is slow. All the buttons are visible, and it’s hard to miss anything. You can easily figure out the whole process in a few minutes of where to send messages or how to express your interest. Honestly, it’s not the best design, but it’s comfortable, clean, fast, and with a cool color scheme.

2RedBeans app

Is There a Red Bean App?

While searching for 2redbean’s mobile app, we came across two things. One is that the dating site has a mobile app. Secondly, which is not a good thing, the mobile app is only available for Android users.

Our two red beans review revealed that the app is almost identical to the 2RedBeans website version. It’s simple, straightforward, and processes quickly without any problems. However, standard users are not allowed to send messages via the app; only premium members have that luxury.

Standard members can show their interest by sending heart-shaped emojis. That’s it! Overall, the app works perfectly, and we haven’t encountered any serious issues. As for iOS users, they can still use the mobile browser to use the 2RedBeans website. Even though it’s not as convenient as the app, it still works efficiently and with excellent optimization and fast loading.

Contacting Customer Support

2RedBeans platform wins the award in the customer support category. They are available to users via email, comprehensive FAQs, web support, and phone numbers. An interesting fact that we have come to observe is that when you contact their customer support, they put several users right in front of you, so you have everything available during the call. You can tell that 2redbean’s customer support is competent, which makes them a promising and trustworthy site in the dating world.

2RedBeans help center

2RedBeans Sign Up

The registration process of the 2RedBeans dating website is straightforward. The easiest way to create 2 red beans login is via a Facebook account. Click on the Facebook button, and there will be no need to provide an email id. If you prefer to register with your email ID without Facebook, you can do so by typing your email ID in the required field on the main page.

Once you upload your photo, click on the tab that says Improve Matches. 2RedBeans has an effective matching algorithm that we are happy to use. Users can choose the criteria for their matches, such as appearance, personality, and age, to get satisfactory results.

The more detailed your profile is, the more likely you are to find a serious candidate. Answer the question about your personality, lifestyle, appearance, etc. Answer the seven questions about your character with descriptive words to create an impressive profile. In the end, check your account, and voila!

Profile Searching Options

Profiles on tworedbeans are detailed and informative, considering whether or not members are competing on all issues. A percentage mark indicates the status of your complete profile. The green tick marks completed fields, and the cross is for the uncompleted ones. The profile information is divided into different tabs. Those tabs are mainly for other users to find you based on their preferences.

The first tab is for appearance, cultural values and background, and life. This information is chosen among several options provided by the site. Meanwhile, the second tab is about interests and hobbies. There is a tab in which you can write anything about yourself freely. People type in the necessary information, and then you can free search it to get along with your potential partner.

2RedBeans advanced search

Member Search

2RedBeans reviews online suggest that members can browse members via the standard search and the advanced search. In the standard search, members can search for other users based on their age range, gender, profile with photos, location, and the last date the member was active.

With advanced search filters, members can search by appearance, which includes eye and hair color, body type, weight, and ethnicity. They can also search by lifestyle or background, which provides occupation, marital status, languages, religion, education, habits, nationality, etc.

How Does the 2RedBeans Dating Site Work In 2023?

2RedBeans is one of the renowned and trusted niche dating sites. It is one of the largest dating sites, with approximately 2.5 million members. It caters to singles looking for Asian men and women to date. The site offers many features and excellent services for both standard and premium members. It is available in several languages, and the user base includes mainly members from Europe, the USA, the Philippines, Japan, China, and Thailand.

Searching Options and Filters at 2RedBeans Website

Even free users have access to several search options on 2RedBean. They can look up partners based on age and where they are located. The location parameter is not 100% precise as that would endanger a girl with a potential for stalking. The age, however, is accurate as administrators check your photos, and they can spot the difference between 20 and 40 years.

Making Contact on 2 RedBean

The primal way to connect with someone on 2RedBeans is via a free matchmaking system. If you buy a membership, then you will get access to an in-depth search that allows you to type in preferences and then chat with a girl that you find in the results. There aren’t any other options to communicate on this site. There is no video chat or any viable alternative to shake things up.

2RedBeans ladies profiles

2RedBean: Paid vs Free

You join the 2RedBeans platform as a standard member and have many features available to you except for sending a message. To take advantage of all the features of the 2RedBeans website, you can upgrade to a 2RedBeans VIP membership. The membership has three-tiered subscription plans for one, six, and twelve months.

Free Features Paid Features
Browsing profiles based on age and location Sending and receiving messages for unlimited time
Matchmaking with a person based on your answers No ads
Writing a message to VIP members Hiding profile
Blocking users Bookmarking users

The Cost of Membership

2Red Beans have reasonable prices, considering the number of parks that you’ve witnessed above. It is for you to decide which membership to use, however. Their price difference is not that colossal, so you might as well include all of the features with platinum.

Period Price
Month $35
6 Months $150
12 months $250

Payment Methods

Members can pay by credit card, PayPal, PaySafeCard, and online bank transfer. If you want to revoke, your premium membership go to your account settings and cancel the premium account before it expires. Sometimes the site organizes discounts for a limited time, but you will never find a 2RedBeans coupon.

Safety and Security

After the full report on 2redbean, we can say that the dating site is safe to use. It is protected by SSL, which puts the communication of members with a server in codes and thus protects it from hackers.

You can read the website’s security policy if you have any questions about your account security or privacy. The 2RedBeans website preserves the privacy of its members and does not share it with any third party. The certification system and other security measures prevent fraudsters from joining the site. However, members should report any fake profiles or suspicious activity to customer support immediately.

2RedBeans cover letter

Final Verdict on 2RedBeans Review

Our 2 red beans review confirms that the site has an excellent service that has provided promising results for the past decade. The successes of the members are the mark of its effectiveness. However, standard members do not have enough luxury to fully enjoy the site. Nevertheless, premium members can enjoy a plethora of features that make finding their soulmate easier.

Detailed profiles and a full log of matches ensure that members find the best matches. The website’s safety net keeps the scammer at bay and provides a safe environment for members. If you want to find an Asian life partner, we suggest you try the 2RedBeans website for promising results.


Is 2RedBeans Free?

To some extent. Most quality dating sites require you to pay for a subscription, and 2RedBeans is implementing this mindset. Your communication options are rather limited in a free version, and depending on membership users is a bit random. Try a subscription for a month, and you will see the high-end quality it provides.

What Is 2redbean?

It’s a site full of Chinese singles trying to date. Some are using this site to find a spouse, even. The website has its course aimed at international dating, so the other half of the audience is a Western group. It has a nice protection system and offers interesting features both for free and paid members.

Is 2RedBeans Legit?

It is an extremely safe Chinese site. What is great about authorizations is that it’s done in two steps, thus decreasing the possibility of bots and fake accounts. Furthermore, 2RedBeans is never shy to provide its customers with many events. It implies an actual place you have to go and see their work for yourself. We trust 2redbean.

Is 2RedBeans Good for Dating?

It is. 2RedBeans platform is amazing for different kinds of dating. Some come here to find a soulmate, whilst others are here for some casual fun. The site is oozing with romance and has created a lovely atmosphere thanks to its design and usability. Dating has never been this easy, thanks to a good algorithm system.

How Should a Girl Start a Conversation on 2redbean?

Chinese girls start a conversation by asking about their interests and life goals. She wants to see whether you are on the same page, and it’s a good thing. You don’t want to get frustrated later, so it’s better to get many fast denials to then meet your quality lady.