eHarmony Review

We aim with this eHarmony review to shed some light on one of the most famous dating websites on the planet. The dating platform has been going strong for years and has no intention of slowing down. From our review, you can learn that there are millions of visitors per month on desktop and mobile devices, making this a top-rated, reliable site. Most members come from America, Great Britain, and Canada.

Because the company has been around for two decades now, they have a wealth of experience of bringing people together. They understand how to match singles on their site. It matches users from their intense questionnaire, where they collect all the relevant personal information from every member. It allows the platform to make the perfect matches and create successful results.

Throughout the eHarmony review of the website, we will give the readers the facts about the dating website. We will give our honest opinion on the site and the pros and cons. What we want to answer is eHarmony a good dating site? These are the types of questions the readers need answers to. So we will deliver with the eHarmony dating site reviews good information with the most important questions answered.

Once you are a verified member of the site and have an account, you can enjoy the benefits of using the site. Finding girlfriends on the platform will be straightforward and easy with the website’s algorithm.

Eharmony main page

Pros /Cons


  • Compatibility matching system
  • Millions of users per month
  • In-depth details about other users
  • A unique experience with customized dashboard


  • Longer process for registration
  • No video on site

What Is

In eHarmony reviews, we have discovered that the platform is one of the most comprehensive dating websites on the market. It’s a reliable site that has helped many people find love. At the site, the goal is not for each user to meet and date lots of people. The goal is for the platform to find the correct partner for each user. Therefore the platform does things differently to many other dating platforms.

We have found by completing our review of the eHarmony dating site that the service is unique. Users can not search through platform profiles like many other websites. Users will only have access to similar user profile pages. The website collects all the data from each and every user and then decides who would be a great match. The website then shares the profiles of those that they believe would be an ideal partner.

This creates a high success rate, and with over twenty years of experience at the dating game, few would argue with their technique. So what is, it is one of the top dating websites in the world and has been for the past twenty years. We would like to answer is eHarmony worth it? If you want a date and the chance to meet a partner, it is worth it. at a Glance

  • Best for US and European users
  • Number of members: millions worldwide
  • Recommend age: 18-34
  • Favorite feature: algorithm compatibility match

How Does Work?

Throughout eHarmony reviews, we want the readers to know how does eHarmony works and is eHarmony any good? These are the reasons why readers want to read reviews like this, to get the answers to the questions everyone is asking. Firstly how does eHarmony .com work? It works very well and extremely efficient.  Singles need to signup, and register on the website, add some photos and then create a profile.

Once this is complete, there is an intense questionnaire that must be answered that will collect personal data from each user. It helps the algorithm system on the platform to create matches based on similarities. Then the system will only allow users to make contact with similar matches. This eliminates members wasting time chatting or meeting up with people they have nothing in common with.

As we have gone through our review of the eHarmony dating platform, we believe the technique of not allowing users to browse through other people’s profiles is a good thing. It prevents users from getting quick gratification and allows people to find serious and meaningful relationships.


eHarmony free search does not exist on the website. The company does things a little differently. Users will get sent around ten profiles to review per day. These profiles belong to people that you will have a connection with and may hit it off with. Members will not be able to review through and check profiles of others themselves. Reviewing profiles that match your preferences actually saves your time bringing the best results. Reviewing profiles is a free option.

There are plenty of singles and beautiful women that the company will send each user every day, so it is not a bad thing. This review of dating site eHarmony has shown us that this platform is committed to matching gentlemen with ladies that truly deserve each other.


We have completed many dating website reviews and we can say that the service has a long registration process which can take about thirty minutes to complete. Users will be asked 150 personality questions, which aim to create the perfect match for you on the platform. eHarmony wants to know your temperament, social style, relationship skills, values, and beliefs before searching their database on your behalf.

In this review, we describe that the suite aims to deliver the most suitable date for you so you reach your goal of meeting a partner. During this review, we want to make sure we reviewed this dating platform for you. So we have the answers to the most important questions like, is eHarmony worth paying for? We certainly will bring you the truth about eHarmony during this review on the eHarmony dating site.

Profile Quality

We have to say that the profile quality of eHarmony is first class. There is so much detail for each user that it makes life so easy to find out the important stuff about each person. Once your profile goes live on the website, you will be sent some profiles which are similar to your likes and dislikes. The profiles here look completely different from other dating platforms. There is more importance placed on what you are like as a person.

There is a lot more thought that goes into a profile, which makes it stand out in the crowd. There are obvious things on the profile, such as height, age, occupation, and religion. There are also things like what you can not live without, what you are passionate about, and what makes you grateful.

Safety & Security

There is a kind of safety in place on eHarmony dating websites, for this review we have checked this thoroughly. Because of the way the service operates, there is privacy for users on the platform. Each user’s profile can only be reviewed by subscribers or compatible partners, there is no free browsing on the site. There is encryption security in place for all users and for credit card and debit card payments on the site.

eHarmony will not share users’ personal information with a third party, and users can block and report any suspicious activity on the platform at any time.

Help & Support

While doing this eHarmony dating site review, we have discovered that when it comes to customer care and support, the service has picked up many awards in this field. They are leaders in customer support and have a team that works around the clock to assist its clients. With so many clients and all looking for a date, this platform can help anyone with any queries or problems within hours.

We can confirm from doing this review of the eHarmony dating website, that this site is legit and not a scam. It has been going strong for many years and has a fantastic reputation all across the world. So one of the first things we do while reviewing for eHarmony dating reviews is to check if the site is legit. Also, is eHarmony safe? These are important factors for all users to consider when using an online dating platform.


The cost of membership does not come cheap. But users must remember that this dating website is first class in all departments.

The pricing is as follows:

  • 12 months membership is $238.40 each month cost is – $19.95
  • 6 months membership is $209.70 each month cost is – $34.95
  • 3 months membership is $179.85 each month cost is – $59.95


Is safe?

Yes, there are security procedures in order which creates a rather safe dating platform.

Is a real dating site?

Of course, it is one of the leaders in the online dating world.

How many members does have?

Millions of members worldwide.

Is worth it?

If you want to meet other singles and arrange a date, it is absolutely worth it.

How to use

After the lengthy registration process, you will be sent 10 possible dates for you to contact if you desire. Then the fun begins.

Is free?

It is not free, there are payment options for members to choose from each month.

Can I use anonymously?

Yes, you can, but you will have to be a member of the platform.

How can I delete my profile?

Go to settings and click the delete profile.