Mature Dating Site – AdultFriendFinder Review

If you ask advice about what adult dating website to use, you might get several answers. And AdultFriendFinder will certainly be among those answers. Due to numerous AdultFriendFinder reviews, the website grants the best dating experience when it comes to mature dating. Yes, this platform is targeted at individuals who are seeking adult friends.

The reviews claim people may use AdultFriendFinder as a companion to meet people into kinky stuff, such as BDSM, bondage, fetishes, etc. Or they could use it to start an affair – the information is kept in secret. But there is one thing everyone gains from AdultFriendFinder, and it’s fun. This companion has an intuitive, easy to comprehend interface, lots of exciting functions, including online streams. It has everything to make people happy in their open relationships.

Short Review

Even without reading this review, you can tell the site is for adults. Just visit it, and you will understand. The app has numerous hot profiles belonging to amazing people. It is a hookup app, and it is great at doing its job. AdultFriendFinder has dozens of fun features, and it grants the best experience. The reviews of users are mostly positive, and people claim they have managed to find partners easily.

9.2 Overall Rating

  • 9.1 Value for price
  • 9.0 Quality of members
  • 9.3 Ease of use
  • 8.9 Customer satisfaction
  • 9.1 Safety
  • Pros /Cons
AdultFriendFinder main pag


  • A huge audience; members, are located everywhere.
  • Great website design.
  • Has lots of exciting special options.
  • Live streams.
  • Security and protection is a priority.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Positive feedback (most users are positive).


  • The matching system is sometimes wrong.

What Is

Just paste in the address of the website, and you won’t need any descriptions. It is an adult platform targeted at everyone seeking sexual relationships. It is extremely good and has open-minded people. Even couples seek something special and exciting with the aid of the site. But is AdultFriendFinder a good dating site?

In terms of seeking open relationships, partners for casual sex, swingers, etc. – yes. But if you are into serious dating, then you probably want to skip this platform. The reviews mention the profiles of the app. Even the profiles are highly focused on preferences in sex. So the app is centered around open relationships and hookups. It has a lot of special awesome features; it even has a Sex Academy. Yes, you got that right. If you want to gain some very useful and fun tips, you should check it out. At A Glance

  • Best for: everyone seeking hookups, including married people and even couples.
  • The number of members: millions of users worldwide.
  • Recommended age: 25-45.
  • Favorite features: event planning, club map, setting up dates, organizing cruises and events for swingers, etc.
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How Does AdultFriendFinder Work?

The best thing about AdultFriendFinder is that it is not just a standard dating app; it has so many fun features! The reviews claim there is even a Sex Academy with great tips and amazing videos, which will make your experience even better.

AdultFriendFinder dating site reviews also mention that the site has some fictional and real stories. The stories are left by members of the community, and they always have erotic details. They are very fun to read and make your time on the platform even better. You can tip the most exciting stories to encourage these awesome people to write even more.

If you want to flirt online on AdultFriendFinder, just go to the amazing flirting section to find awesome people. Another great thing about the app is that you can send gifts to people you like. There are numerous options, and you will surely find the one which fits your budget. Regarding people’s reviews of the AdultFriendFinder dating app, it’s an extremely fun place.

You will find groups to chat with amazing individuals, or you may find someone to flirt with. The best option is the function that allows you to find hookups. People in reviews report it is extremely easy to find couples or singles seeking to have fun. The app is filled with applications of amazing people, and you may meet them right now after joining the friendly community.

Another great thing found during the AdultFriendFinder dating site review is the open-mindedness of all people. They except every sexual orientation, opinion, sex, nationality, race, etc. The platform is very comfortable and secure.

People in reviews recommend using the app to gain an even better experience while using AdultFriendFinder. It has the same functions as the desktop version, but if you are traveling, it will be much more convenient to use the app.


The search mechanism is standard. It has filters that make your search more precise, and you get to meet amazing individuals. The review on AdultFriendFinder dating site has shown that it is better to use the search rather than to rely on matchmaking. Although the reviews mention, there are so many fun options that let you find someone that you even won’t use the search!

AdultFriendFinder dating reviews praise the searching function more than the matchmaking one. Most people prefer action rather than waiting, so they use those nice filters and narrow the results to all those awesome individuals who have something in common with them.


The registration is easy to complete and takes about a minute of new member’s time. Add some basic information, complete the verification by clicking on the link sent to your email box, and you can start completing your profile. The truth about AdultFriendFinder is you need to just add your photos and tell about sexual preferences. And you are good to go seek new amazing partners!


Profile Quality

Regarding the profiles, is AdultFriendFinder any good? The profiles of members are certainly hot. The system needs only basic information about your sexual preferences, so the profiles are pretty simple. It doesn’t mean they lack details; this is intentional. Instead of filling questionnaires, you look at photos, videos; if you find them amazing, set an appointment, and meet this awesome person!

Safety & Security

The safety of all users is very important to the owners of AdultFriendFinder. The website contains mature content, and people want to be sure they are secure posting it. The reviews of people affirm it is safe to use the site and pay for certain services. The connection is secured, the information is protected, and everything is kept in secret. Every action is made towards making sure members of the community are safe and are feeling comfortable.

Help & Support

To make sure everyone knows how to use AdultFriendFinder, it has a “Help” section. It has numerous articles explaining how to use the app, what the user can get, etc. If you still have questions, suggestions, or issues to solve, open the quick chat, and you can type a message to support. The support team is pretty active, and you will get your answer as soon as possible.


The prices are pretty average. If members upgrade their accounts by purchasing the yearly bundle, then they get the best value. You should note, some of the functions require extra payment, like the Sex Academy. So is AdultFriendFinder worth paying for? If you want to gain quality services, be safe while using the site, and meet fun people, then yes, worth it.



Is AdultFriendFinder Safe?

Yes, the whole idea of such a huge website is to make it safe for everyone. It is safe in every term – from the point of security, safe for people of all nationalities or races, etc. It offers a safe and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy and have lots of fun.

Is a real dating site?

This AdultFriendFinder review of website, as well as numerous other reviews left by former or existing adults, claim the site is real. Some people gain a positive experience; others are less lucky. But the site is real, safe, and legal. Users have fun even when they chat online. And it’s even more fun to meet in person!

How many members does have?

The number of AdultFriendFinder members is growing in geometric progression. Today, it is a multi-million platform, and it keeps growing.

Is AdultFriendFinder worth it?

For sure. It has so many options, a lot of users, a nice interface, fun functions. Every user may find something interesting and exciting. Or meet someone great. Not to mention all those awesome profiles. And the live streams are very good!

How to use

As any other website, AdultFriendFinder requires an account. Create one; it takes several minutes. Verify it, then go explore all the amazing options. The reviews mention AdultFriendFinder has the hottest profiles of awesome people!

Is free?

Such a website could only be paid. It caters to the interests of individuals who value anonymity among everything else. So the site is paid, and the money received from users is spent on improving the website. You could use AdultFriendFinder free search, though.

Can I use anonymously?

Yes, this site is doing everything to make all members comfortable and relaxed. Search all you want, review every profile; if you want to be anonymous, you will be. Members in reviews mention this function makes them comfortable.

How can I delete my profile?

It’s done the same way as when you delete a Facebook or Twitter profile. Visit the “Profile” section, and you will immediately find this option. Cancel the subscription if you have one prior to deleting the account.